Integration into an existing project

  • make sure your "control.xml" and each sql file is marked as "embedded resource" under build action.
  • Note your namespace and folder structure when you set up the script package
//TODO: finish above as step-by-step

Adding new scripts


Microsoft Installer integration


Command-Line arguments

/? ------ Prints the help message.
-db ----- Database Name. Database name to be used during script run.
-dbu ---- Database User. Username to be created during script run.
-dbp ---- Database User Password. Password for the DB User.
-e ------ Extract Only. Exits application after extract from MSI. Defaults to true if unspecified.
-p ------ Password. Password for specified user.
-s ------ Server. Server to connect to for scripts to run against.
-t ------ Test Install. Runs optional test scripts as well. Defaults to false if unspecified.
-u ------ User name. User name to connect to SQL database with.
-U ------ Unattended. Runs the system without prompting for user input. Defaults to false if unspecified.
-DEBUG -- Pipes all output to the command window and halts before exit.

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