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Project Description
DbSetupHelper makes it easier for development teams to deploy their development databases across local systems. DB SQL Scripts can also be written in a way that lets end users configure some install options. The project is written in C#.NET and currently supports MSSQL.

DbSetup helper aims to allow teams of developers the ability to sync. install versions of their database across developers local machines. The DbSetupHelper can be run from both the command line or a built in GUI. This enables teams using automated deploys to still be able to configure options about their database while letting end users configure the database to their local needs. Teams can dictate script execution orders before the product reaches the end user, thus allowing the database to be built with less room for error.


  • Replaceable DB Script items
    • Database Name, Database User, and Database Password
  • Command line input, Win Form input or MSI passthrough (for automated deploys and continuous integration)
  • Embedded "default" configuration
  • Plug-in based script package architecture (releasing updates is just one dll away)
  • User export (to local disk) of embed scripts
    • with default or specified replaceable items
  • Script preview's for end user

Useful links

MSI Integration

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